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Common Misconceptions
When budgeting for your new home construction many people talk in prices per square foot.
Take note that often times this price per sqft does not include the garage, site improvement costs or any of the upgrades such as propane fireplaces, Hardi-Plank siding etc.
When looking at plans on the internet web sites be sure to take into account the fact that most of the sites are American and many of the plans have these common themes:
No front entry closet.
No basement.
2”x 4”wall construction as opposed to 2”x 6”that is used here.
Square footage given does not include bonus rooms or garages.
The budget numbers per square foot that you hear are usually based on basic designs with basic finishes. The following are some examples of some of the things that will increase the cost per square foot:
Elaborate roof designs are costly from a labor standpoint as well as the roof system cost.
High pitch roofs are more costly because they require more material as well as roofers will charge more per square as the roofs become harder to walk.
A design with many corners gets costly as it is more labor intensive from the foundation to the framing.
Covered verandahs and different shaped windows.
The thing that many people struggle with is choosing what style of home to build. The following is some advice on costs based on style.
The reason you see so many split entry style homes around is because they are the most economical to build.
The second most economical is your square two story style home.
It is less expensive to go up than out and that is the reason a rancher style is a little more expensive to build.
A common misconception is that by going slab on grade there is a huge savings. While there is some savings it is not as much as you would think because your site work costs go up as you need to bring in good quality compacted shale for your slab and you still should have a minimum 4’foundation wall for frost. A basement provides ample storage and room for future development.
Some cost effective ways to dress up your home and increase the value are:
9’ceilings on the main level will add some to the cost, but may be worth a little more as it takes your home to another level.
Vaulted ceilings will make your home seem that much larger as well as provide a nice look for not too much more in costs.
Large windows are really important to me in the look of a new home. With some window companies you can incorporate different grille patterns at no extra charge and this will help to separate your home from all the others.
Talk to your New Home Specialist for more advice and ideas. He is there to make your new home experience the best it can be.
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